The Language of Health Care Reform

Healthcare Insurance
Published in the Jan. 19 edition of JAMA, this article from KFF Executive Vice President for Health Policy Larry Levitt lays out the major health policy challenges that will confront President-elect Biden and potential approaches to major reform.

While a big reform debate may not be likely this year, one is likely coming as the nation will need to confront much higher costs than in other high-income countries, worse outcomes in many cases, tens of millions of people still uninsured, and many more with burdensome out-of-pocket costs.

The broader reform plan likely will draw on President-elect Biden’s campaign plan to create a public health insurance option, administered by Medicare, that anyone could join with premiums capped as a percentage of income. In the short term, though, the new administration may pursue administration actions, including many that would undo what President-elect Biden has called “sabotage” of the Affordable Care Act.

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